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We are proud to show our beautiful spaces...

The private event spaces of the Club include the Ballroom, Captain’s Walk, Astor Room and Patio on the 2nd floor, with the Terrazzo Lawn, River Porch, Living Room, Commodore’s Room and Formal Dining Room on the 1st floor.

Astor Room & Astor Porch

2nd Floor – 25-75 Seated, 50-125 Cocktail

One of the most coveted spaces in the Club, popular for its spectacular oversized window views of the St. Johns River, private Harbor and Downtown skyline. The attached open-air Patio, complete with these exceptional views, is an amazing asset for any event! The Astor Room is successfully set for Luncheons, Business Retreats, Corporate Presentations, Cocktail Receptions and Dinner Parties. This room is also a favorite among brides as a Pre-Dinner Social space.

Ballroom & Captain's Walk

2nd Floor – 75-200 Seated, 150-400 Cocktail

Dramatic twenty-five foot ceilings with wood beam accents, wrought iron chandeliers and sconces, tailored window and stage treatments and warm hardwood floors lend the Ballroom elegance suited to every event. A built-in, elevated stage is the perfect setting for entertainment and presentations. The rooms are complete with five openings into the Captain’s Walk which compliments your event with multiple window views of the River and Harbor. Although the Captain’s Walk may be booked for smaller meetings alone when available, the pair are generally considered one large space lending an array of setup possibilities for Wedding Receptions, Dinner Dances, Birthday celebrations and Lunch Meetings.

Living Room & River Porch

1st Floor – 15-40 Seated, 50-75 Cocktail

Generally accessed through the covered Formal Entrance to the Club, this two-room combination offers the comfortable feeling of entertaining at home. The Living Room is accented with a fireplace perfect for winter Cocktail Socials and the River Porch features large window views of the Terrazzo Lawn and Harbor creating memorable sunlit or moonlit Dining Occasions. The hard wood floors of the Living Room and the exposed brick floors of the River Porch are favorites among those who book these spaces. One room flows effortlessly into the other and they are most often planned together.

Commodore's Room

 1st Floor – 5-15 Seated

This room is the most intimate in the Club and one of the most utilized for its privacy opportunities. Board Meetings and Business Luncheons enjoy the benefits of this space, as do Birthday Dinners and Kids Movie Nights. The room includes a built-in flat screen TV. Although most often favorably set with a double-wide, double-long rectangular seating arrangement, this room offers alternate setup options.

1876 Room

1st Floor – 15-50 Seated, 25-50 Cocktail

Although customarily set as a separate dining experience for our weekend Member diners, this space is available for private bookings as well. The intimate feel of the room combined with the high-backed upholstered dining chairs lends this room well to Luncheons and Dinners alike. The Formal Dining Room combines nicely with the Living Room and River Porch, with glass paned door access open to each, for Cocktail Receptions or Dinner Buffets.

Terrazzo Lawn

1st Floor Outdoors – 25-150 Seated, 50-200 Cocktail

On the water, overlooking the Pool and Harbor with views of the Downtown skyline. This comfortable lawn and brick location features a large oval decorative tile center, great for dance floor, food display or seating. Guests enjoy hosting everything from Oyster Roasts and BBQ Cookouts to Tuscan-style Wine Dinners and Spring Cocktail Parties. The Terrazzo Lawn is a primary location for outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and may be tented in preparation for the ever-changing Florida weather.

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